A Puppet Opera, Part 2, 2018

Organized by Boris Bezemer, Boyan Montero, and Karin Iturralde Nurnberg
Composer: Boris Bezemer
Performers: The Nieuw Ensemble, Boyan Montero, Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, Sara Milio
Conductor: Ryan Bancroft
Costume Design: Boyan Montero, Karin Iturralde Nurnberg, Sara Milio
Korzo Theater – The Hague, NL
Stills from videos by Boris Bezemer, and Karin Iturralde Nurnberg

The performance in A Puppet Opera, Part 2 brings elements of drama into the concert setting. A blindfolded puppet is connected to the audience through a string of red cloth. The string extends from the puppet's legs and connects to the puppet's heart, which the audience holds in their hands.