Only The Sun Comes Up For Free, 2019

Paper house with drawings, text and sound, 2.4 m x 4.2 m x 2.7 m
Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graduation Show – Amsterdam, NL
Photo credits: Gert-Jan van Rooij, Nikola Lamburov and Boyan Montero

This multi-sensory installation begins with a paper house constructed in the gallery space. Its exterior hints at images beneath the paper, while its true essence emerges from within. The house itself becomes a canvas, integrating elements of art history, myths, and fairy tales into the drawings that extend across the walls and ceiling. A book of partially colored drawings on the floor invites viewer participation, while a voice emanating from the walls recites theories on various aspects of the gift. These theories include its presence in archaic societies, its role in fairy tales, and the concept of art as a gift.