Behind White Walls, 2022

Drawings, text, and found objects, sizes variable
diez gallery – Amsterdam, NL
Photos credits: Atefeh Alaeddin and Boyan Montero

This installation runs parallel to the formal gallery. Stretching across the wall, drawings are presented in close proximity, denying the viewer the chance to grasp the entirety from a wide perspective. Instead, the viewer must confront the drawings directly, as if assembling a puzzle, tracing the creative journey in fragmented parts. This absence of an overarching perspective is mirrored in the drawings through a lack of linear perspective. Through the recurrence of individual elements, a larger narrative emerges. Some of these elements are supported by drawings on the opposite side. Placed throughout the installation, collections of toys serve as additional clues.

Behind White Walls also features interventions by artist Karin Iturralde Nurnberg. The following pieces are part of her series 11 Hours of Clouds.